Scape Kensington

Project Details:

    Scape Kensington
    157 Todman Avenue Kensington NSW 2033
    Infinity Constructions
    Bulk Excavation
    09/2022 - Ongoing
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Services Provided:


Continuous On-site supervision by EI Australia to ensure materials are tested, classified and disposed accordingly.
Proper Signs and PPE used by all ticketed personnel involved.

Bulk Excavation

Excavation of VENM materials to required Reduced Level and disposal of site achieved by following proposed methodologies which include adequate supply of Plants and supervision to complete works. Traffic control coordinated as per CTMP for truck movements throughout site. Bulk, detail and wall trimming done around full perimeter of the job with QA procedure maintained.


Demolition and strip out work of existing 4 bricks buildings completed as per Demolition plan. Scope includes:
- Sediment control measures to complete works
- Double ceiling awning removal as per Council ROL.
- Hazardous materials fully removed in compliance with EI Australia Hazmat Report.
- Scaffold design, erection & dismantling around site boundary
- Traffic management as per CTMP
- QA procedure maintained throughout project duration.
- Dust minimisation and Tree protection.

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